Wednesday, March 04, 2009

outing time without papa

theese pic was taken on early feb.. we went 2 changi airport 4 the purpose of accompany my sister n her fiance.. they went here 4 shopping quiksilver apparel.. dunno y?? they said the apparel from that brand is xpensive in jb.. so that is y they bought it here.. hmm wat ever.. as long as they happy.. it is ok 4 me.. we went 2 marina square n then straightly headed to changi airport..

since my hubby bz on tht day so we went there by mrt..easy n cheeper.. hikhikhik.. but well well well.. as usual my dotter.. she hate mrt so much.. the maximum station she can b a very behave gal is 6 station, after tht all the sound can be heard from her little cute mouth.. then smtimes.. crying.. dunno y.. may b she'll feel more comfortable by car...

mama wit sleeping beauty

she is wake up

pose pose

wit my sister

at baby changing room


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