Friday, March 27, 2009

The most 22 gift

i've been tag.. so it is the time i'm tagging others plak.. hehehe..

rules: simple, if you being tagged by others, copy the question n answer the question on the spot. The answer must be related with the gift that you ever had or you wish to have.

  1. The most EXPENSIVE gift? A penthouse in a city (waaalaaahh)
  2. The most CHEAPEST gift? 2B Pencil
  3. The most PRICELESS gift? My little princess - Sara Amani
  4. The most FREE gift? Buy 1 Free 1
  5. The most GREATEST gift? Born 2 b Muslim
  6. The most ANNOYING gift? alarm clock (i hate the kring kring sound)
  7. The most ROMANTIC gift? A bouquet of white tulip (arrrghhh)
  8. The most BORING gift? nobody give me gift (sigh)
  9. The most PERFECT gift? My Hubby lah ;)
  10. The most SARCASTIC gift? answering this tagging question (huh)
  11. The most WARMEST gift? Hugs n Kisses (ahaks)
  12. The most STINKY gift? Telur Busuk (yuckss)
  13. The most CUTEST gift? Arwah Chumel n Chomat (my kitty)
  14. The most UGLY gift? recycle teddy bear(hope i wont get this!!)
  15. The most MEMORABLE gift? ralph lauren perfume
  16. The most COMMON gift? Free Gift lah..
  17. The most HIGH TECH gift? Sony Vaio
  18. The most CLASSIC gift? GUESS wrist watches from dad
  19. The most PEACEFUL gift? Holiday wit my cute family
  20. The most IRRITATING gift? nagging parrot
  21. The most YUMMY gift? Blueberry cheese cake..
  22. The most CREAMY gift? ice cream

next person is been tagging by me is Bibi, Sally, Niza, Eita, Awin, Nenek Vogue, eizanet


Bb Hussain said...

uwaaa...tak suka la kena tagging..sbb pemalas nak pikiaq..hehehheh..

aniza said...

OMG...kak ecahhh!!!! banyak nyer soklan!!! pecah otak nieh...tiru ah! kui kui kui