Thursday, March 05, 2009

i need new wedges!!!

owhhh kenapa la tetiba fikiran aku melayang pada sesuatu yg akan menyebabkan aku akan megeluarkan benda yang bernama "DUIT"

hahahah.. well it is the time may b.. so long i never buy new wedges.. so have 2 propose to dear.. dear... i need new wedges.. comfy wedges that can be wear even i'm handling my little munchkin.. colors.. may b black or dark brown.. cause easy for me to match wif my tote.. ahaks..

It is quite long i never buy a wedges.. the last one was during my pregnancy.. hmmm lama kan.. last hari raya dear asked me 2 buy new shoe but i rejected since 2007 hari raya shoes i didnt wear cause that time i juz preggy.. since the hush puppies is high heel so i juz keep it inside the shoe rack.. 2008 hari raya baru la tht puppies i lanyak habis-habisan.. ehehehe..

but now.. i really want a new WEDGES!!!!

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