Tuesday, March 24, 2009


salams to all..

i wud like 2 share with all of u out there regarding the global warming initiative.. a bit info bout tht.. well on 29 march 2008 at 8 pm cities arround the world turn off their lights for an hour 2 show it is possibl;e 2 take action on global warming..

as 4 this year.. the earth hour will began as follows :
date : 28 march 2009
time : 20.30hrs (local time)

all u have to do is turn off the lights for an hour.. be part of this campaign.. n lets save our planet frm global warming ..

p/s: korang join x?? i'll join je.. bukan nya susah pon juz turn off the llights.. besides can save the bill gak nanti..


Bb said...

aku semestinya join..tutup lampu pastu keluar la kemana2..hehehhe..pg makan2 ker..pergi lepak2 ker..tak susah pung..

m y a l i s h a said...

yup bib x susah pon kan..bagus bagus...