Saturday, March 21, 2009

Backyardigans Vidz: bliss out my day

hi tis is my 2nd entry 4 2day.. amani is away on her dreamland.. hope she have a very sweet dream.. aminn...while me... take my lappie to key new entry.. ahaks

well, actually we (hb n me) had planned as 4 2day activity 4 our lovely dotter is swimming.. but then the day out there was very gloomy.. so may b the planned xtvt cancel.. urm.. everyone in tis house juz went out (mil, sil n maid) so only both of us (amani n me) was here.. hb stil working as usual.. normally arround 5pm only he'll be home..

arghhhh... ok... b4 amani fall asleep juz now we singgin 2gether this few song which is i played frm youtube.. really this cartoon has bliss out my day.. amani love em very much.. normally when i started play the song she'll be dance (baby dance lah)..

the 3D animation was soooo cute.. yup backyardigans.. n the main character was pablo, tyron, tasha, uniqua n austin.. my fave character was tasha.. look at em dance.. soooo cuteee...

so guys checkout theese vidz..

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