Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear, I Love You

"i love you"

theese three words that always i xpress 2 u
simple words but really it is deeply from my heart

do u remember when the first time i say theese three word 2 u??
hahahaha.. when i walked away from ur car..
on tht time u fetch me after we having our dinner 2gether..
our 2nd date lah after we declared unoficially
still fresh in my mind after i say the words
u juz smile n say "say again" :p

by theese three words i'll always stand beside u
when ever u need me..
by theese three words also i'm try 2 b strong...
try 2 b strong 2 go through all the obstacles that try 2 ruined our love
i'm keep trying 2 make u proud that i'm the best lover, partner n wife
eventhough sometimes i keep crying when ever i've heard something bad ppl say about us..
but Dear, i noe the words give me strength to blow away all the useless obstacles n grapevine..

by theese words..
we've shared joy..
our little princess, is priceless 2 u n me
n yet, theese words i shared with her..
both of us love the same man in our life but in different way..
how proud i am after she was born that day
i can feel the flower blooming everywhere
hahahaha.. then u kissed me n say the words again 2 me..
that time i feel i've blessed by Allah SWT for giving me the chance to having you n our cute munchkin..

till now, still theese three words is always on my lips
when ever i see u, i feel want 2 xpress it 2 u..
freely i'll say I LOVE YOU
b4 i fall asleep at nite, after solat subuh n normally b4 u go to work
i'll hug u tight and say theese word 2 u..
with no doubt, i say it again n again..
juz because


Bb said...

aku doakan kau bahagia selamanya..

m y a l i s h a said...

Thanks bibi.. aku terharu..

aku juga doakan kau bahagia...

aniza said...

kak ecah...tak ingat ke ko ckp i lebiu di bawah katil ku...hahahahahah!!!!

m y a l i s h a said...

aniza-- hah!! ada ek?? x hengat la uols

aku yang menaip said...

so is in the air alwayss..hihi