Wednesday, February 11, 2009

are we've been treated like a guinea pig by doc??

salams to all readers..

well my new entry 2day is related with wat happened last saturday 2 our (hubby n me) best fren, guardian, and bestest bestest bestest fren.. madeline...she is chinese but she was very closed 2 us.. she is buddhist.. seorang yg mmg kuat agama budha la.. tp sangat baik orgnya.

hmm.. flash back.. aku kenal dia baru dalam 2 thn.. since aku miscariage.. co-incidently one of my hubby relative introduce her to us.. informaly..

she's doing a business realted with health n therapy.. look like aunty2 la dia tu.. but still we address her by her name.. NOT aunty.. she has 2 sons..

b4 i'm preggy she alway give me chinese herbs to boil n drink same goes after i preggy n have a baby still she guide me to take care of my health cause she is health concious person..

she has only 2 sons.. (1st age of early 30's n second one is 24) n the youngest son has heart complication when he was 7 yrs old.. as young as tht age her son has went for surgery to wider her artery.. after tht surgery he is ok (consider no health problem), cause madeline take a very very good care of her son (ye la.. ibu mana yg x sayangkan anak kannn).. infact, he is very active person. dari 2 anaknya tuh.. the last one.. tersangatla pandai... kira harapan family la..

so end of dec last year.. her son (the younger) mengadu sakit dada.. then madeline advice him take a good care n she will do a therapy for him.. drink herbal medicine.. but her son mintal permission 2 see a doc..

after see a doc.. dipendekkan cerita.. anak madeline tu kata dia nak buat heart surgery cause the doc ask him 2 do so.. since anak dia tu dah lebey 21 thn n dah bole buat keputusan sendiri... he sign off the form 2 do a surgery even her mommy x merelakan anaknya di bedah.. her son told her " dun worry mommy i enggaged the very good doc n very xperience doc to do the surgery 4 me.." ayat penyedap hati..

madeline says "deep in my heart i feel so sad.. 2 see my boy strolled into operation teater.."

after a week the surgery was done... the boy was ok.. but when it comes 2 the 2nd week.. somethine went wrong.. the boy was admitted to the ICU..

n u noe wat.. the doc says.. something wrong with the tube 2 his heart.. sampai skang pon tak tau penyebab nya.. starting from tht day.. anak madeline x sedarkan diri.. n bermacam jenis wire n tube dicucuk keseluruh badan..

"i only can pray for the best.. i take a good care of him since he was born but the doc ruined everything..." tht wat she told me..

sampai la last saturday, selepas menderita.. dia menghembuskan nafasnya.. dihadapan ibu tersayang.. bayangkan lah anak yg kita jaga sempurna tapi akhirnya jadi begitu.. hati ibu mana yg x sedih.. mmg kalau kita yg beragama islam percayakan qada dan qadar.. tapi korang tau x.. after her son dead.. his body was taken 2 another hosp for no reason.. then when her daddy wanna take his son body.. autopsy report says.. all of his organ is damaged.. lung, kidney, heart, liver...

b4 surgery tu, anak dia buat health check up semuanya ok.. but then in the end itu pulak hasilnya.. one of her fren told madeline.. may be the surgery went wrong.. but the doc try 2 cover.. kesian aku tgk madeline.. masa aku melawat on sunday.. she hug me.. n says.. my beloved son has gone... i've try my best 2 take a very gud care of him but somebody makes experiment on him n it turn like this.. pity my son aishah... he is suffer b4 he go to lord.."

"i juz only can countdown her heart beat number when he is gone.. from 80 drop to 60 n goes to 20.. at that stage i noe my son is no more already..." masa tu aku pon menitiskan airmata.. walaupun dia bukan sebangsa n seagama dgn aku tp as a mother aku tersentuh juga..


Bb said...

hah..terang sikit nak baca blog kau blog aku canteks jek..anyway pasal entry ni..kita mmg la mengharapkan dia(doc) buat yg terbaik utk kita..sebab kita anggap dia expert in their kejadian2 camni mmg la tak dapat nak dielakkan..tak tahu la siapa yg perlu disalahkan..

anizas said...

susah nak cakap kalau dah masuk sepital nie! dr pengalaman jaga mak aku sakit, hmmm bukan semua doktor ni btol2 bleh bg jalan penyelesaian terbaik...rujuk pakar br puas huuu