Friday, December 19, 2008

hubby a.k.a amani's papa bday

he is the one who took my heart n with no doubt, i love him so much

amani's hungry face "mama, where is the food??"

it is papa amani birthday... hehehe since it was december so.. we took the time to celebrate papa amani birthday at ochard road.. sambil celebrate, sambil jalan2 sikit cuci mata..

btw, i have planned for the special day since fasting month.. (lama kan??) Bukannya apa.. i need space n privacy 2 b with my own small family... and the day goes with flower blooming everywhere... hahaha..the happiest person on that day wasnt me alone but amani n dear..

and for my dear hubby... happy birthday... lots of love from me n our little princess..

The cake n crispy pancakes for breakfast on that special day

the special gift from a lovely wife n little princess

the appetizer

the dishes from one of the fame indonesian restaurant here

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Bb said...

bestnye tgk pancakes tuh..yummy...