Thursday, November 06, 2008

it's a business talk.. something 2 share

on monday after my hubby attended an invitation of bussines dinner.. we had a business discussion.. well not a very hectic discussion.. juz a simple talk only.. hahaha.. since i have been at home 4 the whole day without goin anywhere.. so it is nice to have such a discussion like tht..

base on wat he disscuss with her business partner on tht dinner.. he said that next year wasnt a gud year 4 business.. all over the world has talk bout this thing, n even everyday i surf the net also.. i managed to catch the news.. but i didnt think tht it will b worst like wat my hubby xplain 2 me..

aha.. the recession will begin next year.. n base on my hubby discussion.. the recession will prolonged to minimum of 5 years to recover.. not like those happened in 1998.. by 2000 it has recover.. n it is not an asian recession (like 1998), it will affected the whole world.. hmmm scary isnt it..

on that particular dinner.. there is an economic specialist (not frm spore... russian i think) he said tht the recession affected the whle world so if u have enough capital on tht time try to buy a gud property.. it is gud investment..

one more thing who ever has an established job rite now.. please dun quit.. cause next year it is hard 2 find a job.. like wat happened on 1998 more grads came out but jobless... huhuhu scary..

n my hubby added more, who ever involved in an education sector (most of my fren are safe) no worries cause.. when recession happen.. most people are encourage 2 study.. so the only sector that wont afected o much is education sector.. the manufacturing sector will definitely affected..

so guys.. dont quit.. better on safe position..

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