Friday, February 15, 2008

Something to share wit u all mom's out there.. Baby Games


The Blowing Game

This game helps an infant become aware of the diff parts of the body..Blow gently on ur baby's palm. As u blow, say the following words in a singsong chant:Here are the baby's palms.then kiss ur baby's palm.Blow on other parts of the body. Most babies like gentle blowing on their elbows, fingers, neck, cheek and toes.

Where Did it Go??

Hold a brightly coloured scarf in front of ur bb.Slowly move it around and talk about how bright it is. ("its yellow/red/blue/watever..")wen u are sure that ur bb is looking at the scarf, slowly move it to one side.Keep moving it back and forth to encourage her to follow it with her eyes.Play this game often. U r helping ur baby's brain capacity grow!


Put ur bb on his back and move his legs like he is riding a bicycle.NVR FORCE UR BB LEGS. if she resists try something else..Sing songs. Try makeup a simple song. Here's an idea that can be sung to the tune of Row Row Ur Boat

Ride, ride ride ur bike
up and down the street
happily, happily, happily happily
This is such a treat.

Diaper Songs

Singing to ur baby while u change a diaper is a lovely way to communicate and bond with ur little one. Smile while u are singing. Sing any song u noe or sing the following to the tune of "London Bridge":

Change a diaper,
jus like dis
jus like this
jus like this.
Change a diaper,
jus like this
Clean clean baby


Who is that baby?

Sit in front of a mirror with ur baby in ur lap.Say, "who is that baby?"Wave ur baby's hands and say "Hi Baby!"Say, "where is the baby's foot?"Wave ur baby's foot and say, "Hi Foot."Continue asking questions and moving diff parts of ur baby's body.Shake heads, wave bye-bye, clap hands etc.

Where's my baby?

This is a game that strengthens the back and neck.Lie on ur back and put ur baby on ur tummy.With ur hands firmly around his chest, raise him in the air and up to ur face.Say the following and do the actions:where's my baby?There he is. (lift him up to ur face)Where's my baby? (bring him back to ur tummy)There he is. (bring him back to ur face)Where's my baby? (bring him back down on ur tummy)Up high, high, high! (bring ur baby up high over ur face)


Talking Together

At this age babies often make lots of sounds. Mimic the sounds ur baby makes. those simple sounds will later turn into werds.Take the words that ur bb makes, such as "ba ba" or "ma ma" and turn them into sentences. "Ba Ba says the sheep", "Ma ma loves you".Penelope Leach, a child development expert, says, "Your child may says hundreds of diff sounds throughout the day but if u clap and applaud wen he says, 'ma ma' or 'da da', he will keep repeating those sounds because it makes u happy."the more u repeat ur baby's sounds, the more he will be encourage to make more sounds.This is truly the beginning of a conversation.

Roll Olympics

Helping ur bb roll over frm his tummy to his back will develop chest and arm muscles. This is a fun game to play while encouraging ur baby to roll over.Put ur baby on his tummy on a soft and flat surface. Carpated floors and the middle of beds are good for this game.Hold a teddy bear in front of his face and do antics with the bear. You might say the following poem as u make the teddy move around:Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around.(turn teddy around)Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Touch the ground!(make teddy fall down)Wen u noe that ur bb is watching the teddy, move it to the side so that ur bb's eyes moves and hopefully his body will follow it!


Where is the Sound?

Auditory awareness is something that comes with age and experience.Playing games to heighten ur baby's hearing awareness will help to wire her brain.Take a wind up musical toy and put it out of ur baby's sight.Wind it up and ask her, "where is the music?"Wen she turns to the sound, praise her generously.Repeat this game in diff parts of the room.If ur baby is crawling, u can hide the music under a pillow or elsewhere so she can crawl to the music.


Sit ur bb on the floor or in a chair facing u.Take a towel and put over ur face.Say the words "PEEKABOO" as u take the towel off and show ur face to ur bb.This game usuali brings forth gales of laughter and the more u do it, the funnier it becomes.Try putting the towel on ur bb 's head and pulling it off.Try puttin the towel on his head and see if he will pull it off.Remember to say peekaboo eachtime u take off the towel.

Peas and Carrots

babies enjoy eating with their fingers. In fact, its an important step in developing small motor skills.When bb can pick up food and put it in their mouths they have a strong feeling of power and control that makes them feel wonderful.Put some cooked peas and carrots on the table in front of ur baby.Sing the following song to the tune of "Frere Jacques":Peas and carrots, peas and carrotsHere there are, here there arePut them inm ur mouth, put them in ur mouthYUm yum yumyum yum yumGuide the little fingers to the peas and carrots and then to her mouth. She will probably wan to feed u too!


Gurgle gurgle Squish

This is a good game to play outside with a bb pool or a large container of water.Put some sponge in the water and show ur bb how to squeeze water out of the sponge.Squeeze the water on ur hands, ur arms and other parts of ur body.Now give ur baby some plastic cups and show her how to squeeze the water into the cups. This games will occupy ur bb for a long time and its great for developing small motor skills.Play the game by saying silly werds as u squeeze. here are few ideas: Swish, Gurgle, Squish, Oo Oo Oo

Lets Climb

There is no avoiding it! Ur bb will begin to climb everything in sight. Why not help her along and develop her large motor muscles?take cushions and pillows and pile them on the floor.Put ur bb in front of the pillows and she will have a wonderful time.Take a favourite toy and put it on top on one of the pillows. This will entice her even more.

Where Is??

Sit down with ur bb and look at pictures together. Find a pic of someone in ur family. Talk about the picture by naming the person in it. Say the name again and ask the bb to point to the person in the picture. Now cover up the picture with ur hand and ask ur bb to find the person. Continue playing with another pic. Ur bb might surprise u by how much he understands.

Where's the Baby?

find several pic of a bb and hide them in diff places. choose places that are familiar to ur bb- in the toy box or under a plate.. etcSay," Lets go find the baby."Ask diff questions, "Is it in the sink?" "is it on the chair?"finally ask the question, "is it in the toy box??"wen ur bb finds the pic, praise him and clap ur hands. you can play this game with pictures of famili members and friens.

wash the toy

wet washcloths are wonderful fun for babies. the texture feels good all over his body and esp on his peekaboo with a washcloth wen giving him a bath.tuck a small toy in washcloth and let ur bb put his fingers in the folds to find the toy.give ur bb the washcloths and let him wash ur face.

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