Friday, August 10, 2007

Spore Birthday Pic 090807

Yesterday was a Singapore Birthday.. so, since it was a singapore birthday we have palnned to went out for a shopping somethings for our new house.. ehehehe... after have a walk along the ochard road.. it so tiring.. the i juz pop up the offered for my hubby...

me : "Dear.. there is starbucks.. thats y i smell coffee juz now.."
dear : " mmm... juz say lah.. u wan to have a coffee hahahaha dun trick me.. i noe..."
me : " oohhh... bagus la.. u can read my mind earlier b4 i pursue u to go there.."
dear : " my wife... only me noe u.. so, wat up??? u wan 2 belanja me again??? :)"
me : " no prob darling if u wan to sit there and having hot choc??? macam mana??"
dear : " if u wan 2 treat me ok.. but only for this this time ha.. u cant have coffee frequently.. lepas ni x boleh lagi ok?"
me : "ok , ok... i promise... hehehhe... "

then i went ot the counter n bought a cup of cappucino n a cup of hot choc with a slice ofnewyork cheese cake.. ahahaha... bila minum kat starbucks teringat kat kawan aku si Ahmad Ridzuan.. masa kat JB dulu ni la fav place dia... tapi kalau dia ajak minum x ada sapa nak layan.. ahahahah...

Theese are the pic...

Dear and me relaxing after tiring shopping at the ochard rd. This picture taken at Starbucks at OG Shopping Mall
Our pose after having a cup of cappucino for me and a cup of hot choc for hubby

Our Candid


aniza said...

wadda loving couple!!! may joy & happiness always be with u guys!

myalisha said...

thanx nieza... :)