Monday, August 06, 2007

Secret Recipe

After a month i have to go for confinement so it end up yesterday... hehehe since i've told my hubby that i'm craving for ice cream n cheese cake so he suggested to me 4 belanja him at secret recipe... well i dun mind actually bcuz, i juz got my salary for the tah apa apa job in singdollars. ehehehe..

Since we have planned with Kak Ida n Kak Misa to go to Ochard for the purpose of seeking the new dinner n tea set for our new home, so i want them to join us for secret recipe.. eheheheh..

suddenly we are the one who couldn't make it to go to Ochard.. so we changed planned to go to the nearest secret recipe which is located in IMM Jurong... Jalan punya jalan suddenly we saw Mr n Mrs Haron with his son, kak misa n kak ana... so i ask them to join us having dinner at secret recipe... hehehehe.. so these are the pic... ;)

1) Our Pose : From Secret Recipe With Luv =)
2) The Loving Couple : Mr & Mrs Razali
3) The Romantic Couple: Mr & Mrs Haron
4) The Bullying Session : Adib was bullied by Kak Misa since he told us that he is still under age
5) The Under Age Boy: The One & Only Son For Mr & Mrs Haron


aniza said...

u look chubby lah...muka bulat je...gaining weight hek? hu huuuu welcome to the club!!!

m y a l i s h a said...

iye ke??? alamak. nak kena diet nih..