Monday, August 13, 2007

International English Language Testing System

Salams for all..

this week was a very stressful week for me... I have to sit for an exam.. International English Lnguage Testing System (IELTS) exams.. Well, the purpose of I'm taking this exam is to further my study here, in singapore.. i have to get at least band 5.5. It's not easy actually..

Last saturday i went 2 the IELTS workshop which is being helded at British Council Napier Rd. Hmm wat can i say.. it was a exciting class.. the lecturer Mr Steeve is a British man.. heheh.. good looking... aha... :) there is arround 14 participants in that workshop... well... nice workshop i can say... From 10am to 6pm the time have been fullflled by explanation from mr steeve for IELTS.

More than half of the participants taking the IELTS exam in my class juz for the purpose of migrate to Australia.. New rules it seems.. Aussie gov have set up for all migrants who wants to live in Aussie must have IELTS at least band 6.0.. Luckily in spore it doesnt have this rule..

In that class i'm not being explained how to learn english with good grammar but Mr Steeve explained to us about how to score in IELTS... It is not a simple english exam... quite tough cause u will been asked from the easiest english to the very difficult part of english... u will being evalute from different 4 part which consists of..

1) Reading
2) Writing
3) Listening
4) Speaking

My Reading, Writing and Listening Test will be held this Thursday.... I have to answer in 3.5 hours for those three tests.. as for me... after having th workshop, it seems reading n writing doesn't put me into trouble... but i'm worried for the listening test... i have to answer based on the playback which consists of 2 types of conversation

1) Conversation in group of 3 persons
2) Monologue conversation.

The most difficult part for me to score is speaking test... like what mr steeve explain... everyone can speak english... but to get the one who speaks with good grammar is hard to find, even in England.. if i can score band 5.5 for speaking it means good enough for me... ;)


eita_zack said...

cakap pasal test.. teringat Mr. Bean jawab peksa .. hahhaa.. punye bnyak pen die bawak.. kak ecah jgn bawak bebanyak pen tau... hahaha.. satu cokop... :D

m y a l i s h a said...


mr bean... kita x awak pen pon sbb kat situ all provided..

eita_zack said...

ye baiklah.... bawaklah ape yg patut...

Bibi said...

all the best to you..kau musti leh score punyer..aku dulu langsung tak prepare n tak pandai english leh lah dapat cukup kan kau yg mmg good in english n la ni dah dok singpaore..mesti leh score giler2 punyer la jgn terlebih score dr 9.0 plak..hehehhehe..payah plak kang..

myalisha said...

thanks bib...

ehehehe.. score terlebey band 9 tu kelass jugak ekkk..